Great speed

The smoke seller

There was a small town. Suddenly it comes a salesman. He did a strange thing, sold smoke, which had the ability to reincarnate any thoughts. Over time, this man appears in town, but the people didn’t pay attention to him. But after a while the attitude towards him has changed. The seller of smoke began to show the citizens of weird stuff, but they could improve their lives. For her skill, he was noticed by residents as they bring money. In the end, the salesman started the rumors that would spread with great speed through the world. And now...
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Comedy cartoon show to its viewers an interesting history, which you will love. The main character is a boy named Tolik, he’s an aspiring DJ, who should be able to ignite the dance floor, and cellist Vladimir Chizhov. One day, these two friends meet on a street in Moscow barefoot person. At the same time click on unfamiliar press machines, and are on an unknown desolate planet, called pluck. Soon they find some creatures that are divided into two types plucene and Pataky. By itself, the country, never before seen things that very popular on Earth, so even match...
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