Rio 2096: Love and fury

He’s almost six hundred years. He has seen a lot and knows the truth. First coming into this world was in the guise of an Indian. Was 1566. To kill alone Jaguar meant to become a warrior. Abagar – his name. Janaina – was the name of his beloved. To be able to fly allowed elected. The great God has endowed the hero with this ability. I have an important mission – to become the leader of his own people for centuries. It will take years. Brazil will experience one historical stage to another. Colonizers will assign the right...
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Fusionfall heroes

The house

Unusual creatures Boom is not who other as aliens. Many of them did not find understanding from his kindred. Constant squabbles forcing them to find another home, preferably on another planet. And this strange race of people suddenly falls to the Ground. Previously unexplored planet they immediately begin to explore. The inhabitants are engaged in the reorganization and development of land and so on. And Boom creature keep telling people that you don’t have to thank me. They even without this perfectly able to work. Although people, they absolutely did not expect. New unusual the residents think that all...
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