Famous Director J. J. Abrams has created exciting fiction Thriller, which has become very popular and fast browsing. The story tells us about a certain team that moves on a ship called the enterprise. They return to planet Earth, where you notice something suspicious. Is the activity of the organization has changed very much, and strange things happen there. The main fleet is in place and promotes the activities, and a whole world in that time disappears and changed his appointment.
But then captain named kirk, takes things into her own hands, and decides to destroy the villain who arranged all this chaos and decided to kill all humans. In the end, kirk decides to serious actions, because of which he lost loved ones and their friendship, if only to save the world. Now he remains his loyal team. Spock and kirk decide to join forces and go on a big spaceship twinkling stars in the cosmos. There awaits them a lot of new adventures, and meeting with the enemy of the whole world Romulus Nero. In between there will be a big battle.
StarTrek Retaliation